At Buena Vista Resort, our focus lies in three key elements: Fishing, Food, and Fun.

Back in 1976, a young entrepreneur named Jesus Valdez embarked on the construction of a small hotel on the shores of the Sea of Cortez along the East Cape of Baja California Sur. While he was a certified public accountant by profession, his true passion lay in fishing and the great outdoors. Over the course of several decades, the property underwent continuous development and expansion.

Interestingly, a construction challenge turned into one of the highlights of Buena Vista Resort: the presence of natural hot water mineral springs beneath the premises. The restorative properties of hot water infused with minerals are renowned worldwide, from the spas of Germany to the Canadian Rockies, Montana, Wyoming, and even Mexico.

There is an indescribable rejuvenating effect when immersing oneself in natural hot mineral water.

Today, Buena Vista Oceanfront and Hot Springs Resort boasts 56 rooms or cabanas overseen by the descendants of Jesus “Chuy” Valdez, who sadly passed away in 2018.