If you think Mexican food is beef tacos and chicken enchiladas, you have lots to learn.

Our kitchen, being next to the fish-laden Sea of Cortez, specializes in caught-that-morning dorado, tuna, sea bass or other local treats.  Like ceviche? Wait until you try ours … marinated in fresh tropical lime juice and spices perhaps best enjoyed during cocktail hour.

 During the various seasons, we serve freshly-harvested shrimp, oysters, lobster, red snapper, seabass, tuna, dorado along with our Almeja Tatemada or smoked clams. 

 It wasn’t always this way.  For many years, food service was little more than an accommodation to our fishermen.  But since about 2010, during various seasons we’ve acquired great chefs from major cities throughout both Baja and Mainland Mexico (some with training in Europe) who have added a continental flair.

 And as for “Mexican” food, ours is a menu of the native world with the techniques and ingredients that European missionaries brought to the Baja Peninsula. 

  When “locals” – be they Mexican or North American, homeowners or RV campers – are looking to celebrate a special occasion or just a Saturday night, they almost always choose Buena Vista Oceanfront and Thermal Resort for quality, service and ambience. 

 One final word about food.  There are any number of excellent “cantina style” restaurants in nearby Los Barriles should you want a change of pace.  Just a short taxi ride away.