Kite and Wind Surfing



In the mid- or late 1980s – some 30 years ago – our Baja area was recognized as having the perfect combination of wind and water for windsurfing. In the following years, as interest in the sport grew, it turned into the sport’s Mecca. Today, kite surfers joined what windsurf lovers already knew.  Now, fans of both sports come from all corners of the world to enjoy the thrill of it all. Mother Nature created the perfect fall, winter, and early spring destination – 18- to 22 knot winds (called El Norte) and comfortable water temperatures.

With the constant Baja Breeze, windsurfers and kite enthusiasts might be in Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France; or perhaps Porto Pollo in Sardinia, Italy instead of nearby Baja.  

Visit the Kitebording ExotiKite school in Los Barriles for an overview of classes, location, sales, rentals and all that goes with it. Our wide beaches that cover the turquoise waters of Bay of Palms offer safe and beautiful launch and landing areas.

 From beginners to advanced, the lessons are designed to suit your skill levels. Add to these experts and professional instructors with first class knowledge and modern equipment, and you are on the ride of your life!