Fishing Tournaments



It is a great fortune to be able to live by the Sea of Cortez with its generosity of species and consequently one more reason to visit Baja California Sur. Thanks to an exceptional climate and a landscape that invites tranquility; sport fishing is undeniably the great foundation that sustains tourism to a large extent.

Every year at the East Cape a series of highly prestigious Fishing Tournaments are held, among the main ones is “East Cape Offshore Bisbee Tournament” of which we are hosts, as well as other very popular in the area.

Check out our list below to see which one fits your interests, budget, schedule, and travel plans:

  • Dorado Shootout- July 16th 2022

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this successful annual tournament, where the winning team will take home a brand new Volkswagen Amarok 4 × 4 Pickup. Plus big prizes for the first three teams to capture the biggest dorado.

  • East Cape Offshore Bisbee- August 2nd -6th 2022

Since 2000 the Bisbee family decided to expand their tournament to the East Cape. The tournament takes place in our hotel, where, in addition to marlin, the largest dorado and tuna are included. Last year the winning team took more than $ 600,000, making it one of the richest tournaments in the area.